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Everything Crypto

How to Get Started With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s leading digital currency and continues to grow as people learn about its breakthrough potential as a peer-to-peer digital payment system. Learn more here.

7 Best Courses for Learning Bitcoin Mining and Trading Cryptocurrency

There is more talk about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency in the present day than almost anything else on the planet. The fact that netizens have decided they need an alternate currency is sending chills down many spines. Whether this trade will be around Bitcoins, Ethereum or some other form in the future is something only time will tell, but the fact of the matter right now is that Cryptocurrency is here to stay, grow and be a strong alternative to dollars and other currencies in the future. That being the case, it is only logical to invest your time, effort, energy and resources in figuring out this multi billion dollar industry today before it’s too late tomorrow. Learn more here.

Building Sales Funnels

Having worked with dozens of businesses over the past five years we’ve tested dozens of different tools, software, training programs, and platforms.

Every recommendation here on this list made it because it is a product or service that has been instrumental in growing our own online companies and the ones that we work with directly as clients.

Thrive Themes – Thrive Themes has become our go-to theme and marketing suite for our content marketing efforts. The great themes plus the marketing plug-ins like Thrive Leads and Thrive Quizzes make it east to generate leads, grow your email list, and expand your online businessesClick here to try Thrive Themes for your business.

Active Campaign – We use Active Campaign for all of our email marketing because of it’s intuitive design and how easy it is to map out an autoresponder for a new sales funnel. It also has a great CRM that we use and easily integrates with Clickfunnels. Click here to get a free trial of Active Campaign.

ClickFunnels – Clickfunnels is our go-to software for building landing pages and sales pages. The amazing drag and drop builder plus the built in shopping cart makes it one of the easiest and most effective ways to get landing pages up off the ground in no time, start collecting emails, and taking payments. Click here to get a free 14 day trial of Clickfunnels.

Canva – As you grow your business you are going to need to have a way to create images for your website, social media, and marketing efforts. Canva is a great and easy tool you can use to create graphics for you business. It takes away the huge learning of a program like Photoshop and makes it easy to quickly design and download images. And it’s FREE, which is awesome. Click here to start your FREE Canva account.

Calendly – Calendly makes it easy for people to schedule a time with you on your calendar so that you can get clients on a call without the back and forth of email and finding a time when everyone is available. You can let people schedule free calls or you can put the link behind a payment to schedule paid calls. Click here to setup your Calendly account.

Business tools

Bluehost – If you are going to have your own website with a blog you will need your own hosting. Bluehost is a great hosting service with great support. Click here to sign up with Bluehost.

Trello – Trello is our favorite project management tool. Trello is free. You can easily organize ideas and project in Trello and collaborate with any team members to get the job done. You can manage due dates, leave notes, links, and upload documents so that anyone using it, better understands the task. Better yet you can look at a comments thread live on the specific project or task from your team member. Click here to start your free Trello account. – One great way to gain authority in your market is to share helpful resources and content with your ideal customers. And you don’t have to spend weeks creating content before you can get started. With you can share other people’s blogs posts and content but add your own call to action to join your email list. It’s a great tool for social media and email marketing. Click here to try out

Brain Resources

Expert Secrets – The CEO of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson released his second book Expert Secrets. It’s all about how you can get paid for your expertise. It’s the perfect blueprint to starting your online business. You can get this book for FREE. All you have to do is pay for shipping. Click here now to sign up for your copy.

Digital Marketer Labs – Digital Market Labs is the go-to training for all the different digital marketing strategies and tactics that it takes to firmly establish your business online. DM Labs will show you how to plan your sales funnel, create a content strategy, social media plan, learn how to track and optimize your marketing, and so much more. And one of the best parts is their private Facebook group DM Engage. It’s some of the best money you could spend every month. Get a trail for just $1 to find out for yourself.

[FREE] Funnel Hacking Webinar – If you want to get a crash course on sales funnels and how you can implement one for your own business sign up for this free one-hour training that will show you exactly how you can break down other funnels in your market and get one up and running for your business. Click here to sign up for this free webinar.

Traffic Resources

After you have built our your sales funnel it’s time to start driving traffic to your funnel. There are a lot of places to learn how you can drive traffic, both free and paid. For paid traffic resources – we love and support It’s real traffic education from experts that have made millions of dollars in sales with paid advertising campaigns. No “gurus” here. They will teach you the real processes that the professionals use to create profitable ad campaigns.

Bulletproof Facebook Ads – Facebook is the most popular ad network there is today. And with over 1 billion users it makes sense why. Find out how you can get started with a simple $10 a day traffic campaign and grow it into a profit center for your online business. Click here to get Bulletproof Facebook Ads.

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